PARADISE JUNGLE TRIP is committed to make you aware about environment and the need for its conservation. But we do it differently. When we talk to you about Nature, you are there in the midst of it. So we do not “teach” you environment, you “experience” it; thus making the learning for life.
It’s a group of various expertise’s in the field of environment that have come together for this common cause. During our years of work we have partnered with the best resources to make your learning experiences unforgettable. Our excellent record and conduct during all our study tours ensures that we have access to all the major government wild-life projects. Our expertise also extends to organizing corporate training programs both in-house and outbound that can be customized to suit specific requirements. Our efficient and friendly team and the committed volunteer force leaves no stone unturned in providing you with an experience that you will always cherish. Come walk with nature, walk with Paradise Jungle Trip…


Why People Choose Us

Multidisciplinary expert’s

Large Knowledgeable Resource pool

Forest exploration is a unique experience when campers get to interact with botanist, ornithologists, herpetologist, entomologists, paleontologists, etc

Nature Connect

Reach to Forest Officials and localities /tribals

Get to walk with Nature in true sense, interact with not just fauna but also with real guards of nature.

Unique Learning Experience

Where expertise meet experience

Being with nature geeks does not necessarily mean boring – an event manager for fun-filled environment which enriches you with information as well makes your vacation a relaxing experience.